Compass  innovative
 CANopen technology
COSIX166 - CANopen Suite
for InfineonTM 166 microcontrollers
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COMPASS is an engineering bureau established in 1991 and operating in a field of embedded software development. Initially it was created to organize outsourcing environment for nearshore partners. During past 17 years of activity, Compass was involved in tens of project in branch of industry automation all over the Europe.  Using the accumulated experiance in embedded software development for industry automation, Compass has built own software suite for industrial applications based on InfineonTM 166 microcontrollers.  The software stack is used for development CANopen OEM I/O moduls according to customer's demands. Our innovative CANopen Grid Technology enables to build many CANopen I/O modules within a single hardware structure. This solution reduces overall costs of the OEM application.

  Last modification : 23.06.2010